Arabic Calligraphy Starter Kit with Gift Box

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1 x Reed Qalam
1 x 40ml Inkwell
1 x Likka
1 x Walnut Ink Crystals
1 x Mixer
1 x Letter Guide (Thuluth)
1 x Instruction Manual
4 x Practice Sheets
2 x Prints
1 x Writing Mat

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A Perfect Gift for Art Enthusiasts!

Have you always been enthusiastic about learning Arabic Calligraphy but have been unsure as to where to start or struggled to find the right tools?

Our Starter Kit has been specially tailored for you! Each product in our kit has been sourced from all over the world and brought together in one box giving you the perfect place to begin your journey from, hassle free!


What it comes with:
Click here to watch a walk-through video of the kit.

Reed Qalam:

The “Reed” Qalam (or pen) is the traditional tool for writing Arabic Calligraphy. It is one of the most versatile types of pens for Arabic Calligraphy due to its soft nature and flexibility allowing you to re-cut and shape the tip very easily. These Qalams are sourced from Turkey through the guidance of many prominent Master Calligraphers ensuring they are of the highest quality.
The average length of these Qalams are 22-24cm as seen in the images which is well above the average minimum requirement of 15 cm long meaning they will last you a long time.
The inner cut is measured with the curve of ones thumb and a good cut would sit on the thumb comfortably, also shown in the images.

As soon as the reed is harvested, it is seasoned for years by burying it in horse manure, chosen because it maintains a steady temperature. During this procedure the reed hardens and darkens and become perfect source for a reed pen.
The length of the cut can be between 2-7 mm. With Reed Qalams this is the standard range as Reed doesn’t grow any thicker than that.
We have Qalams for both left handers and right handers.

Cutting the Qalam:
I use a Swann Morton scalpel knife to cut my Qalams. This is very cost effective and easily obtainable without the worry of sharpening it as all you do is change the blade.
Handle size: 3
Blade size: 10

Unfortunately, we have not included the knife in this kit for safety reasons.


A slim piece of wood with a handle to be used to mix the ink when preparing and using it.


40ml inkwell with an airtight cap.
The wide opening at the top makes it very easy to clean out and replenish with new ink.
The airtight cap ensures no leakage and preserves the ink for longer.


The Likka is one of the most important tools needed in traditional Arabic Calligraphy and very often it is overlooked. The Likka is pure silk fibres that are placed inside the inkwell; this helps regulate the amount of ink that goes onto the Qalam which in turn prevents pools on ink gathering on the paper whilst you write. It also helps preserve the ink for longer periods of time without drying up very quickly inside the inkwell. And a very big benefit is that it prevents spills, the fibres hold the ink inside the inkwell so even when it is accidentally knocked over, the ink will not pour out and cause a big mess.


Before using the likka you should boil in water for 10-15 min and then rinse under the tap. this removes and residual gum that may be on the natural fibres. then while it is wet you can place straight into the inkwell and add your ink.
Each packet has more than enough likka for a standard size inkwell (50ml). Extra can be cut off and left to a side.
When adding the ink into the likka pour enough to cover the silk fibres but do not drown it in ink
Our Likka is produced from high quality silk fibres and is prepared by ourselves ensuring the best results.


Walnut ink crystals that only require to be mixed with water which produces a lush brown ink.

Instruction Manual:

A detailed manual walking you through preparing the Qalam, Ink and other materials.

Letter Guide:

An abridged version of our Art of Lettering book with a step by step guide for writing each letter. This guide is based on the Thuluth Script.

Practice Papers:

130 gsm gloss paper which is the perfect alternative for practicing with a Reed /Bamboo Qalam. They are double sided.


2 beautifully illuminated prints which can be used to create a piece which can be framed.

Writing Mat:

Leather writing mat which is traditionally placed under the paper you are writing on. This softens the surface making it easier to write with less friction.

Luxury Gift Box:

Strong rigid exterior box with a cushioned interior making it the perfect place to keep your materials safe as well as making it for a perfect gift.

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Left Handed, Right Handed

2 reviews for Arabic Calligraphy Starter Kit with Gift Box

  1. Abdul latif (verified owner)

    As someone who’s been interested in learning Arabic Calligraphy I was over the moon when I came across this. I have been searching high and low for something like this in the UK.
    The box is perfect to safely store everything and the instruction manual makes it really easy to go through everything

  2. N (verified owner)

    Wonderful product! Really good quality and the perfect accompaniment to the Arabic Calligraphy starter course. I bought this as a gift for my husband (along with the course) and he was overjoyed when it came. It’s presented beautifully in the box and the manual makes everything very easy to understand. Would highly recommend! Thank you 🙂

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